iBER (Integrated Burn Electronic Record and Registry)

A medical registry is a systematic collection of a clearly defined set of health and demographic data, held in a central database for predefined purposes.

iBER is a medical registry. It functions as a standardized electronic discharge form that facilitates data collection for the South African burn registry. It serves the following purposes

  1. 1.As an epidemiological tool to describe the burden of disease, inform prevention strategies and contribute to the WHO global surveillance tool for burns

  2. 2.As a quality improvement tool

  3. 3.To facilitate local research


Burn Care Trust

Registered Charity No: IT 223/2011/PMB • PBO 930037091

This is a non-profit organization with a mission to revolutionize the neglected area of Burn Care in South Africa. They are responsible for this initiative and are the exclusive funders.

SAPORG (South African Perioperative Research Group)

Believes in promoting, supporting and co-ordinating research in South Africa

Believes collaborative research is needed to address the clinical challenges encountered in perioperative medicine in South Africa and  globally.

Believes there is capacity to conduct national and international collaborative research in South Africa.

Believes collaborative research conserves limited research resources in South Africa and globally.

Believes there are urgent public health issues in perioperative medicine that need to be addressed, to improve  the  health of  the  South African  and/  or global populations.

The Burns Interest Group steering committee for SAPORG is led by Dr Nikki Allorto (MMed(UKZN), FCS(SA), Specialist Surgeon, Head Edendale Burn Service, Clinical Lecturer, University of KwaZulu Natal) and includes Dr Alan Rogers (FC Plast Surg (SA), MMed (UCT), Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Ross Tilley Burn Centre, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Assistant Professor, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Toronto) and Dr Dave Bishop (FCA(SA), Specialist Anaesthetist, Head Clinical Unit Anaesthesia, Edendale Hospital; Clinical Lecturer, University of KwaZulu Natal).

The interest group steering committee will govern the responsible and transparent collection and collation of data for national reporting, benchmarking, and research in the field of burns. They will review protocols submitted for research using the registry and assist researchers in the field of burns.


SABS (South African Burn Society)

This is the professional medical and multidisciplinary society promoting prevention of burns, quality improvement, networking, governance and research in the field of burns. This initiative is endorsed by the society.